harold eppley After writing numerous books for Christians, Harold Eppley has now written a book about them—with humor, occasional irreverence and lots of affection. His first novel Ash Wednesday, published by Oconee Spirit Press, takes a comedic look at small town life, sexual mores and the decline of mainline religion in contemporary America.

Harold has worked as a religious professional for 23 years, among them four years in rural Pennsylvania, where Ash Wednesday is set. He is the author of seven commercially published nonfiction books, including Our Lives Are Not Our Own (Augsburg) and The Spiritual Leader’s Guide to Self-Care (Alban).
Harold thanks all who attended his book events and signings in the summer of 2012. He continues to be available for readings and book club events. Ash Wednesday is available as an ebook from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com.
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Ash Wednesday contains sexual situations and humor as well as a few words you would not want your grandmother to read. If you are easily offended, know that you have been duly warned.